Beach volleyball - Semifinalist known

On the third day of the EUSA competition in Split, on the Žnjan beach, new volleyball matches have been played. After two days of group competition, the 'play-off' matches have been played.

In the male competition one semifinals will be played by the University of Vilnius and the Technical University of Munich, while in the second semifinal will meet the University of Informatics and Radioelectronics (Belarus) and the University of Porto, which in the quarterfinal was better than the domestic representatives of the University of Split. It should be noted that all semi-finalists won their quarter-finals with 2:0.

In the women's competition, quarter-final matches were relatively uncertain. The first semifinal pair consists of the University of Graz and the University of Warsaw 2, while the second semifinals will be played by the University of Warsaw 3 and the University of Lorraine (France). The participants of the second semifinals got their quarterfinals very tight, in the third set, with the results 15:12 and 15:13 respectively. Semifinals are scheduled tomorrow (July 29th), while the final will be played on the last day of the competition (July 30th).

Today we met Doris Barić, a student at the University of Zagreb, asking for an opinion on the EUSA game: "Hello everyone, I am  Doris Barić, a student of the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology of the University of Zagreb and this is the first time I participate At EUSA's competition. Usually i am playing volleyball, but for this occasion I replaced the parquet with sand and with my partner I participated in the beach volleyball competition. I'm proud of this competition being held in my country, in the beautiful town of Split, The places where the competitions are held are very attractive, and I particularly like basketball 3x3 being literally located right in the center of the city. The atmosphere among the students in the campus is great, it's all full of positive energy and I hope that I will participate in EUSA events, in the future"